Many businesses rely on signage to draw in potential customers, so it’s frustrating when their signs aren’t working properly. A broken sign, burnt out bulbs, and even completely dark signage can all give the wrong impression to customers — That the business just isn’t well run or that they don’t sell a high-quality product. The repair professionals at Hardman Signs have been trusted to maintain and fix local Fort Worth signs for years. We have the tools and experience needed to work with signage of all types.

Why Hire Professionals for Sign Repair and Maintenance?

There are times when business owners may be tempted to try DIY repairs on their signs. However, it is not advisable. Most commercial signs are placed high up on the side of a building or a display board. You’ll need more than a ladder and willing employee to safely climb up and make necessary repairs. Without the right training, it is all too easy to fall and get hurt, hit an electrical wire, or even just cause further damage on accident.

Hardman Signs professionals have the equipment needed to work on elevated signage without problem. Plus, our repair crews have specialized tools and access to the appropriate parts should something need replacing. We’re able to quickly and effectively work on the following issues:

  • Burnt Out Bulbs on Marquees & Channel Letter Signs
  • Electrical Malfunctions on Digital & Lit Signage
  • Weather-Damage to All Signs
  • Loose Screws & Bolts on Wall Mounted Signs
  • Missing Covers on Channel Letter Signs
  • Required Software Updates for Digital Signage
  • Broken Glass & Gas Refills in Neon Signs

The experts at Hardman Signs provide both repair and maintenance services for local companies. In fact, we recommend regular inspections to ensure that your signage remains in tip-top shape. If you are interested in signing up for ongoing maintenance services, feel free to give one of our friendly representatives a phone call. Or, you can fill out our online form to request a FREE price estimate for any sign repair need!