Hardman Signs has been producing premium channel lettering for both internal and external storefronts since 1987. As a premier Houston channel letter maker, our expertise is unmatched. We're expert in creating large, bold channel letter signs that draw potential customers toward your establishment -- simultaneously giving your business an element of intrigue and credibility!

Houston Channel Letters

Hardman has been manufacturing high-quality, durable signs for over 25 years! As veteran sign craftsman, we're proud to deliver the number one choice of sign identification for business professionals. We work with companies throughout the country, offering diversity and providing our customers with a wide range of channel sign options. We can even create custom logos!

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On behalf of our school PTA, we would like to thank Hardmans Signs for supporting our school. From donating their services to helping with our Spirit Yard Sign fundraiser, Hardman Signs has been a true community partner!