Your logo is an essential part of your group or company’s branding and image. In addition to being the first thing that customers and potential customers see and associate with your company, the first impression it makes can have a powerful influence over their perceptions about your business. With so much influence from one small design, why wouldn’t you want to make your logo great? Creating the perfect logo is much easier said than done, however. To create an eye-catching, effective logo that will stand out from the crowd, you’ll need to incorporate the following design tips and tricks.

Logo Creation Creating a Logo

  1. Keep it Simple
A logo shouldn’t need a lot of “bells and whistles” to get the point across. Clean lines, easy-to-read letters or messaging and simple elements help make great logos.
  1. Keep it Timeless
Will your logo still be applicable and effective in 5 years? How about 10 or 20? With a simple design that avoids incorporating trends, symbols or time-specific references will help add longevity to your design.
  1. Keep it Versatile
Is your logo scalable? Can it be used on a variety of different media types without distortion or pixilation? Keep your logo design functional and adaptable to a variety of formats; designing in a vector file type is a great way to start.
  1. Keep it Appropriate
Your target audience should have a primary influence over the way you design your logo. Are you creating a logo for a hospital or medical practice? Keep the details and phrasing/colors professional and business-like. If you’re designing for a daycare or other, more informal businesses, feel free to use color schemes and details that are more fun and child-friendly.

No matter what kind of business or group you need a logo for, keeping these four key tips in mind when designing a logo will help make it great. If you need assistance or aren’t sure where to start, contact the experts at Hardman Signs! We’ve been helping the residents and businesses of Houston, Austin, Atlanta and the surrounding areas with all of their interior signs, exterior signs, sign designs and installation services since 1987—and we can help you, too! For high-quality, durable signs and signage services, call Hardman Signs today or fill out our quick form to receive your FREE, no-obligation quote!