There are certain things that define Houston businesses. 1. Company name Everybody needs to know what to name you. If you're Dairy Queen, you don't want to be known as 'the ice cream place down the street'. Dairy Queen has built a strong brand and people should call you based on your business name. Which leads us into:

2. Branding The voice of your organization speaks volumes of how customers will view you. When organizations are looking for service they consider: Is this company personable? Are they no non-sense strictly business? Your brand is complex combination of logo, advertising, and many other factors. One of factors is signage.

3. Signage Your company logo and signage are the defining aesthetics of your store front. For storefront businesses you need to either: a. Draw in new customers b. Give a good impression for current customers c. Plant the seeds for future customers

Depending on your business you might have different goals for drawing in customers. If you own a coffee shop next to the University of Houston campus you NEED to have people coming through the doors otherwise you'll be closing your shop for good. Successful Houston exterior signage combined with branding and word of mouth referrals is the best way to get patrons to sip on your lattes.

Remember, people might have heard of your company and even seen your logo BUT if they see your physical location and there's a burnt out sign or even worse NO sign at all you're going to be fighting a uphill battle. Don't put yourself in treacherous territory with a bad impression. Be proactive with sharp exterior signage that highlights your company's reputation.

Let us know what you think. Agree? Disagree? Additions? Do you have a story about adding or updating exterior signage and seen positive results? We would love to hear your opinions and experiences.

Thanks for reading, Hardman Signs exterior signage in Houston